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This beautiful Aussie-made grooming pack is free from nasty single-use plastics but FULL of lovely products. At this bloody-oath price, you can't go wrong.

We are more than happy to send a note with your pack.

Shower & Shave Pack

$96.00 Regular Price
$65.00Sale Price
  • The pack includes:

    Natural Ramie Bathing Mitt RRP $5 - Get your scrub on!

    Activated Charcoal Soap RRP $5 - This is for use on the body (not hair). It’s a bloody good soap.

    Dry or Damaged Shampoo With A Purpose - Shampoo Bar RRP $16 - This is perfect for your head and beard hair. Check out our site for the rest of our shampoo/conditioner bar range.

    A Little Extra Bar (Conditioner & Masque) RRP $16 - The perfect remedy for those who need, well, A Little Extra; the SWAP Conditioner/Hair Masque bar.

    Loofah Scrubber RRP $6 - This is a dried plant, can you believe it! Hang it up in the shower and scrub away

    Cologne RRP $27 - This is highly concentrated and alllllll natural. Apply for date night and they will swoon!!!

    Shave Brush RRP $8 - This is a brush that’s designed to last. Use with our shave bar for the perfect, traditional shave.

    Shave Bar RRP $10 - A natural choice for the perfect shave! 

    Wooden Nailbrush RRP $3.25 - with dual-edge natural fibres

    Total value: $96.25

    PLEASE NOTE: The shave brush in this pack does contain some plastic. Unforunately, the only alternative was pig-bristle brushes which we do not ethically agree with. This is a quality shave brush that is designed to last you for a long amount of time. Please dispose of it with care and following your local recycling regulations.

    PLEASE NOTE: There is a small amount of plastic in the mitt around the wrist to make this functional. Once the mitt has reached the end of its life please follow the recycling regulations of your local council.

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