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This packaging does not include an ingredient listing, so please read the ingredients listing on this page. By purchasing this product you are agreeing to waive the right to receive an INCI listing within the package (thanks for minimising your waste with us).

Pet Conditioner Bar 50g

  • How to use this fabulous bar: After shampooing and rinsing, wet the bar and rub along the coat. You can apply lightly for short hair and apply more for longer hair breeds. Don't rinse off, just towel dry and rub thoroughly through the coat. Dry and groom as usual. It can also be applied to dry fur by wetting the bar and lightly applying through the fur with your fingertips. It contains all-natural oils and botanical ingredients, and is scented with pure essential oils, that not only deodorise, but aid pest-repellence. The oatmeal and aloe naturally soothe skin to help relieve itching, The bar is easy to use and long lasting. Make sure to keep dry between uses. 

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