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This pack is beautiful in its simplicity! It makes the ideal gift for that special someone. Or the perfect gift for yourself; let's face it, you're worth it. 

Just For You Pack

$59.50 Regular Price
$49.99Sale Price
  • The pack includes

    OG Shampoo With A Purpose - Shampoo Bar RRP $16 - This can be used on all hair types

    Turmeric Soap RRP $5 - This is for use on body (not hair). Natural Lemongrass makes this bar smell beautiful

    Blue Clay Soap RRP $5 - This is for use on the body (not hair). Its natural Grapefruit scent is DIVINE!

    Facial Cleanser RRP $18.50 - This luxurious bar is packed with nutrition for your skin. Keep your skin moisturised and clean with this wonderful bar

    Jute Back Scrubber RRP $15.00 - Your back will feel so good and fresh after a shower

    Total Value $59.50

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