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Start your eco-friendly journey with this value, plastic-free starter pack!

Featuring all our best selling cleaning and domestic products for easy home maintenance (minus the pesky plastic). Ditch the chemicals and enjoy the beautiful natural aromas that come with chemical-free cleaning. All products are packed with wonderful natural ingredients to keep your home fresh and clear,  just like your conscience. This pack is a great introduction to our Australian made Minimal Essentials range and has a total value of $64.00 

Eco Home Starter Pack

$64.00 Regular Price
$49.00Sale Price
  • Universal Cleaning Liquid - RRP $25.00 Mopping? Check. Cleaning benches? Check. Scrubbing the toilet? Check - This liquid is TRULY universal and super easy to use.

    Laundry Remedy - RRP $24.00 This versatile oil is the perfect thing to add to your laundry for a super-fresh scent. You can also use it around the home, in the bottom of a bin to keep it nice, you can burn it in an oil burner - the applications are endless.

    Dishwashing Bar - RRP $8.00 Scrap that liquid and enjoy this plastic-free alternative.

    Laundry Sticks - RRP $7.00 Sick of stains? This is your new best friend! We like to call it Mummy's little helper because it's absolutely fabulous at getting tough stains out.

    Candles - As an extra little gift from us.

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