Q. Where is the Clover Fields factory located?

A. Factory, showroom and warehouses are located at 26 Peachtree rd, Penrith, NSW 2750, Australia. Phone 02 47321644.

Q. Where is the Clover Fields Factory Outlet located? 

A. Our magnificent 3,500 square foot (325 sq. metres) giftshop is located at 4/23 Peachtree rd, Penrith. Phone 02 47223723.


Q. Is there a minimum order?

A. NO you can order 100 boxes or one carton quantity, its all up to you. But be aware that it is more cost effective to spread freight costs over larger quantities.


Q. Is GST included in the price?

A. Yes all prices listed include GST.


Q. Is Freight included in the price? Only on certain occasions freight is included.

A. Freight is NOT included in the price. Freight is calculated on the size & weight of an order and the delivery location. We can on request provide a quote.


Q. Can you send our order by post?

A. The majority of our orders go via courier. We will only send via post if the location is too remote for a courier or the order is being sent overseas. We also use Fedex for overseas shipping.


Q. Can I pay COD?

A. NO all proforma orders must be paid for before they leave our premises.


Q. Can I get samples?

A. On request but charges may apply.


Q. How Long does it take to get my order?

A. Usually under a week depending on where you are.


Q. Can I get natures gifts soaps in mixed cartons?

A. NO we do not sell these soaps assorted. Mixing them will destroy the original fragrance.


Q. What are the soaps made of?

A. Our soaps are made from a base of palm oil, palm kernel oil, vegetable glycerine, natural sea salt (sodium chloride), essential oils, botanical extracts, fragrance and cosmetic grade pigments. The extracts, oils, colours, essential oils and fragrances used meet the highest international standards. The pigments used (CI Yellow 15985, 19140 & 77492, CI Red 73360, 14700 & 17200, CI Blue 77007, 42090 and White 77891) are all EU and Japan approved, which are the highest world standards. Where possible all raw materials used are Australian. Q. Which soaps contain only pure essential oils? A. Goatsmilk 250 gram soap, Sandalwood & Cedar, Mandarin, Vanilla Bean, Lemon & Cucumber Tasmanian Lavender and Sorbolene & Glycerine all contain essential oils only. Rose Petal & Glycerine, Baby Soap, Swiss Herb, Loofah Scrub, Grapefruit & Lime Blossom all contain essential oils combined with fragrance. All our fragrances are cosmetic grade and meet stringent world standards.


Q. Which Natures Gifts soaps are recommended for sensitive skin?

A. All should be OK. However any soap or toiletry product should firstly be spot tested on the skin for a few days. The ones we recommend to start with are Sorbolene & Glycerine or Baby Soap. Then try Neem & Hemp Seed Oil or Wheatgerm & Macadamia Oil.


Q. Why do some soap fade?

A. We use no artificial colour stabilisers or preservatives in our soap. Natural soaps which contain natural extracts and oils may discolour when exposed to strong lights and upon ageing. This is a natural process and in no way will affect the quality of the soap bar.


Q. Do the Natures Gifts soaps contain SLES or coconut Oil?

A. Absolutely not. Some companies do put foam boosters in soap bars. We don\'t need to. Our soap is creamy and lathers beautifully. We don\'t use coconut oil either. Our soaps based on Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil.


Q. Are Clover Fields products sensitive to the environment?

A. Yes. The Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil are from managed plantations. Rainforests were not cleared to make way for these plantations. Palm Oil production has the smallest carbon footprint of all of the saponifiable oils.


Q. Does Clover Fields test their products on animals?

A. No, we do not test on animals.